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Ply Gem Select Series

Select Series windows help conserve energy and illuminate your home with natural light. A true assortment of wide frame window styles, weatherability and energy-efficient glass options provide the versatility you need for interior comfort during any season.
Interior Colors
Exterior Colors
Select Series Features & Benfits
Beautifully Constructed
  • 3 7/16″ frame depth increases strength and stability, offering excellent weather resistance.
  • Custom-sized replacement windows provide an exact fit for your home’s specifications.
  • Available in three neutral colors that will complement your home along with optional color-coordinated grille styles.
  • Durable vinyl will not pit or peel and retains its beauty with virtually no maintenance.
  • Design custom configurations using a variety of window styles using a strong structural mull.
  • Multiple frame options accommodate installation method and the architectural style of your home.
Energy Savings
  • The Ply Gem Select Series offers glass options designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency, comfort and lower energy costs for wherever you live.
  • Additional high-performance glass options increase solar protection, reduce noise levels, increase security and privacy.
  • Vinyl is an excellent insulator against temperature changes.
  • Select Series windows can be configured to meet or exceed the California Energy Commission’s standards for Title 24 compliance.
Durability Design
  • For added safety, the optional Autolock securely latches when a sliding window is closed.
  • For safe ventilation, sliding windows offer the Insulair vent system which allows fresh air into your home while the window is closed and locked.
  • Casement and awning windows feature a multi-point locking system and sturdy stainless steel operating hardware for reliable security and strength.
  • Baffled weep system keeps insects out and allows rainwater to quickly drain.
  • Fiberglass mesh screens provide fresh air and feature virtually invisible clear pull tabs.
  • Ply Gem Select Series windows are covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty for as long as you live in your home.
Glass Options

Choosing the right glass options for your Select Series windows can make your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs as well as increase security, privacy and fade protection.

Low-E Glass and High-Performance Glass Packages
  • Optional Low-E glass packages help deflect summer heat to keep your home cooler and retain warm air inside during colder months.
  • Choose a High Performance HP glass package with Argon gas, which is six times denser than air and placed in the insulating glass unit for additional protection from energy loss.
  • The HPMax triple-pane glass package has two separate airspaces for maximum insulation and can provide up to 52% better thermal performance than dual pane windows with clear glass.
  • HP Glass Packages with specialty Low-E glass and Argon can greatly reduce solar heat gain and lower cooling costs in warmer regions.
  • The Warm Edge spacer system features a U-shaped channel that separates the glass panes and interrupts the natural flow of heat to cold. It also flexes when the glass expands and contracts to help maintain a strong seal.
  • Optional Warm Edge+ spacer systems are made of less-conductive materials for increased energy performance and added strength to better resist seal failure.
Grille Options

Highlight your home’s architectural style with unique grille profiles and patterns. Choose from easy-to-clean grilles between the glass (GBG) or simulated divided lites (SDL) that provide the traditional look of individual glass panes.

Grille Patterns

Half Colonial
Perimeter Prairie
Three Over One
Three Over Three
Two Over One
Two Over Two

Grille Profiles

5/8 Inch Flat GBG
5/8 Inch Sculptured GBG
1 Inch Sculptured GBG
7/8 Inch SDL
1-1/4 Inch SDL
Hardware Options

The Select Series features durable, forced entry resistant hardware that is color-coordinated for a streamlined appearance.

Cam Sash Locks

Cam locks on single hung and sliding windows tightly pull the sash together around weatherstripping for added protection against wind and rain.


Upgrade to the AutoLock which ensures your single hung and sliding windows securely lock when you close them

Folding Nested Handles

Casement and awning windows easily open and close by turning the nested handle.  The handle also folds into the base so it doesn’t interfere with window treatments or blinds.

Frame Types

Select Series windows are available with a variety of frame types to accommodate replacement, remodel and new construction installation applications.

  • Block
  • Nail Fin
  • Double Wall Flush Fin
  • Stucco Key
  • J-Channel