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Simonton Brickmould 600

Enhance the beauty and comfort of your home with an array of style, color, interior woodgrain and hardware options. Delivering traditional charm to any home, these premium new construction brickmould windows feature a thick multi-tiered frame that offers wood window styling. With cost-saving thermal efficiency options and unique customizations, these windows are designed to protect your home from the elements.
Interior Colors
Maple Woodgrain
Contemporary Oak Woodgrain
Antique Cherry
Light Woodgrain
Dark Woodgrain
Exterior Colors
Brickmould 600 Features & Benefits
Brickmould 600 Features & Benefits
  • ProSolar® Low-E glass and Argon gas is standard with a 7/8″ dualpane insulating glass unit, for high energy performance.
  • Maximum efficiency advanced glass options increase sound dampening and security.
  • An excellent insulator, first-generation durable vinyl withstands harsh weather and is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Increased thermal efficiency and insulation from the multiple chambers in the vinyl profile.
Design & Customization
  • Multi-tiered brickmould frame is richly detailed, providing the look of wood.
  • Extensive design portfolio with exterior colors, interior woodgrains, hardware and grille options to complement the style of your home.
  • Expand your design choices even further with optional flat casing or simulated divided lites.
Durability & Weather Resistance
  • Increased strength and weather resistance with fusion-welded frame and sash.
  • Overlapping, interlocking meeting rail tightly seals Double Hung sash around advanced weatherstripping to protect. against wind and rain infiltration.
  • Quickly direct water away from your home with the sloped sill design.
  • Frame and sash are kept in perfect alignment for reliable operation by the 1/2″ coil spring balance system.
Added Convenience
  • Accurate installation is made easier with the integral brickmould/J-channel and nail fin, which can be used in home projects that feature brick, vinyl or both.
  • To increase safety against accidental falls, the optional Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) is self-activating, to limit the extent your window can be opened.
Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Limited LIfetime Warranty for as long as you live in your home.
Glass Options

Brickmould 600 windows have a standard 7/8″ dual-pane insulating glass unit with ProSolar® Low-E glass, Argon gas and Intercept® spacer. Choose custom glass options for maximum energy efficiency, sound control, security and privacy.

ProSolar Low-E Glass
  • Standard glass helps keep warmth inside during winter months and deflect the sun’s heat and retain cooled air in summer
  • Screens out up to 73% of ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause interior fading
ProSolar Shade Low-E Glass
  • Ideal for warmer climates that require help with solar control and interior cooling
  • Dramatically blocks up to 92% of ultraviolet light that causes solar heat gain and fading from entering your home
  • Superior insulating performance with high visibility.
ProSolar Sun Low-E Glass
  • Perfect for cooler climates that require more help with heating
  • Uses the sun’s warmth to increase comfort and reduce heating costs
  • Screens out 71% of damaging UV rays that cause interior fading while allowing warmth and light into your home
Grille Options

Brickmould 600 windows offer architecturally inspired grille profiles and patterns to highlight your home’s unique character. Grilles placed between the glass create a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

Grille Patterns

Diamond (Flat Only)
Double Prairie
Double Perimeter

Grille Profiles

1-1/4 Inch SDL
5/8 Inch Flat
3/4 Inch Contoured
3/4 Inch Contoured Brass
1 Inch Contoured
Hardware Options

Crafted to be both durable and beautiful, Brickmould 600 window hardware is color-coordinated or can be upgraded to a distinctive metallic finish.  All locks meet standard forced entry requirements for additional peace of mind.

Double Hung / Slider Cam Locks

When the cam lock is engaged it tightly pulls the sash together for increased weather resistance and protection.

Standard Finishes
Sandstone (standard on woodgrain interior)
Premium Finishes
Brushed Nickel
Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Polished Brass
Casement & Awning Crank Handles

Casements open smoothly on durable, stainless steel operating hardware with the turn of the flush mount handle that folds neatly into the base and won’t interfere with window treatments. The locking lever secures the window at multiple locations with one easy action for excellent weatherability.

Standard Finishes
Premium Finishes
Brushed Nickel
Dark Bronze (standard on woodgrain interior)
Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Brickmould 600 windows are available with frame types to accommodate new construction installation techniques.

  • Brickmould Exterior with J-Channel
  • J-Filler Exterior
  • Snap-On Flat Casing