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Simonton Contractor Series

Durably built for a lifetime of reliable performance, the Contractor series offers a wide selection of windows for new homes or replacing old windows. Standard ProSolar® Low-E glass reduces energy loss while popular neutral colors, grilles and hardware options complement your home’s design and enhance curb appeal.
Interior Colors
Exterior Colors
Dark Bronze
Contractor Series Features & Benefits
Easy-care Beauty
  • Vinyl color is molded throughout the profile and is virtually maintenance-free.
  • An attractive beveled exterior frame increases architectural character.
  • Dark bronze exterior color enhances curb appeal.
  • Double hung, single hung and casement windows offer easy cleaning from inside the home.
Energy Efficiency & Comfort
  • Standard ProSolar® Low-E glass with Argon gas helps reduce heat loss in winter while maintaining air-conditioned air in the summer for true seasonal comfort.
  • Maximize energy efficiency with high-performance glass options specifically designed for warmer and cooler climates.
  • Multi-chambered profiles have several insulating spaces within the frame and sash that help increase strength, reduce condensation and energy loss.
  • Multiple layers of weatherstripping create a barrier against air and water infiltration.
  • The standard extruded screen frame resists bending and warping with a fiberglass mesh screen that allows fresh air in while helping keep bugs out. Upgrade to aluminum screen mesh for added durability.
Reliable Performance
  • Sloped sill quickly moves rainwater away from your home.
  • Sliding windows feature a durable contoured lift rail for easy opening and closing.
  • Double hung and single hung windows open with ease and maintain any position with the stainless steel constant force coil spring balance system.
  • The Air Lok™ limits the amount the sash on sliding windows can open for safer ventilation and increased protection against accidental falls. For additional safety, the optional Window Opening Control Device is a self-activating vent latch that is automatically engaged.
  • Contractor windows built by Simonton are AAMA Gold certified, passing stringent tests for thermal performance as well as air leakage, water infiltration and wind pressure.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Simonton Contractor Series windows are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for as long as you live in your home.
Glass Options

Contractor windows have a standard 3/4″ insulating glass unit, with ProSolar® Low-E glass, Intercept® spacer system and Argon gas that can be customized to achieve optimum energy savings and comfort for where you live. Additional glass options increase strength, privacy and fade protection.

ProSolar Low-E Glass
  • Standard glass helps keep warmth inside during winter months and deflect the sun’s heat and retain cooled air in summer
  • Screens out up to 73% of ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause interior fading
ProSolar Shade Low-E Glass
  • Ideal for warmer climates that require help with solar control and interior cooling
  • Dramatically blocks up to 92% of ultraviolet light that causes solar heat gain and fading from entering your home
  • Superior insulating performance with high visibility.
ProSolar Sun Low-E Glass
  • Perfect for cooler climates that require more help with heating
  • Uses the sun’s warmth to increase comfort and reduce heating costs
  • Screens out up to 71% of damaging UV rays that cause interior fading while allowing warmth and light into your home
Grille Options

Enhance curb appeal and your home’s architectural style with unique grille profiles and patterns available on Contractor series windows. Grilles are placed between the glass creating a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

Grille Patterns

Diamond (Flat Only)
Double Prairie
Double Perimeter
Victorian (Flat Only)

Grille Profiles

5/8 Inch Flat
3/4 Inch Contoured
3/4 Inch Contoured Brass
1 Inch Contoured
Hardware Options

Contractor window hardware is color-coordinated for a clean streamlined appearance or select optional polished brass for an upscale finish.  All locks meet standard forced entry requirements for added peace of mind.

Double Hung / Slider Cam Locks

When the cam lock is fastened, it tightly pulls the sash together for increased weather resistance and protection.

Standard Finishes
Premium Finishes
Polished Brass
Casement & Awning Crank Handles

Casements open smoothly on durable, stainless steel operating hardware with the turn of the flush mount handle that folds neatly into the base and won’t interfere with window treatments. The locking lever secures the window at multiple locations with one easy action for excellent weatherability.

Standard Finishes
Premium Finishes
Polished Brass
  • Deluxe J-Channel with Nail Fin
  • Deluxe J-Channel Only
  • Nail Fin Only
  • J-Channel and Nail Fin Removed
Contractor Series Performance Information
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