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Ply Gem Select Series Hinged Patio Door

Ply Gem Select hinged patio doors offer the ultimate in design flexibility with both center-hinged and French-hinged styles that can swing into or out of your home. A variety of designer options enhance the beauty while high-performance glass delivers maximum energy efficiency for your home.
Interior Colors
Exterior Colors
Select Series Hinged Patio Door Features & Benefits
Strong Design
  • Choose from a variety of hinge and swing options to accommodate your home’s needs.
  • Out-swing panel styles won’t intrude on interior space while in-swing door panels don’t interfere with your outdoor living areas.
  • A high-performance locking system with a steel latch and deadbolt withstands up to 300 pounds of force.
  • Heavy-duty, two-way adjustable hinges help achieve proper door alignment allowing door panels to swing open and close with ease.
  • Custom-sized Select hinged patio doors provide an exact fit for your home’s specifications.
  • Wide frame with heavy vinyl walls provides increased strength, durability and weather resistance.
Energy Savings
  • The Ply Gem Select Series provides glass options that deliver maximum energy efficiency, comfort and lower energy costs for wherever you live.
  • Additional high-performance glass options increase solar protection, reduce noise levels, increase security and privacy.
  • Vinyl is an excellent insulator against temperature changes.
  • Select Series hinged patio doors can be configured to meet or exceed the California Energy Commission’s standards for Title 24 compliance.
Design Portfolio
  • Neutral color options complement any home’s design.
  • Optional color-coordinated grille styles and patterns increase architectural appeal.
  • Durable vinyl will not pit or peel and retains its beauty with virtually no maintenance.
  • Metallic hardware coordinates with accessories, drawer pulls and appliances.
  • Ply Gem Select hinged Patio Doors are covered by a 10 Year Limited Warranty.
Glass Options

Choosing the right glass options for your Select Series hinged patio doors can make your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs as well as increase security, privacy and fade protection.

Low-E Glass and High-Performance Glass Packages
  • Optional Low-E glass packages help deflect summer heat to keep your home cooler and retain warm air inside during colder months.
  • Choose a High Performance HP glass package with Argon gas, which is six times denser than air and placed in the insulating glass unit for additional protection from energy loss.
  • The HPMax triple-pane glass package has two separate airspaces for maximum insulation.
  • HP Glass Packages with specialty Low-E glass and Argon can greatly reduce solar heat gain and lower cooling costs in warmer regions.
  • The Warm Edge spacer system features a U-shaped channel that separates the glass panes and interrupts the natural flow of heat to cold.It also flexes when the glass expands and contracts to help maintain a strong seal.
  • Optional Warm Edge+ spacer systems are made of less-conductive materials for increased energy performance and added strength to better resist seal failure.
Grille Options

Highlight your home’s architectural style with unique grille profiles and patterns. Choose from easy-to-clean grilles between the glass (GBG) or simulated divided lites (SDL) that provide the traditional look of individual glass panes.

Grille Patterns

Perimeter Prairie

Grille Profiles

5/8 Inch Flat GBG
5/8 Inch Sculptured GBG
1 Inch Sculptured GBG
7/8 Inch SDL
1-1/4 Inch SDL
Hardware Options

The Select Series hinged patio doors have standard color-coordinated handles or choose an optional metallic handle for a stylish appearance.

Polished Chrome
Satin Nickel
Antique Brass
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Rustic Umber
Matte Black
Frame Types

Select Series hinged patio doors are available with a variety of frame types to accommodate replacement, remodel and new construction installation applications.

  • Dual Wall Flush Fin
  • J-Channel
  • Stucco
  • Block Frame